The Many Varieties of Sumatriptan

Different drug formulations are used to get a drug into your system in different ways. Different formulations may be appropriately targeted to different individual migraine ep (MORE)

When Pain Affects More Than Your Head: Migraine and Fibromyalgia

People with migraine are more likely to also have other musculoskeletal pain conditions, especially when they have frequent migraines. Fibromyalgia is a common and potentially (MORE)

Avoiding Migraine Triggers

Why did my migraine occur today? This is a question that everyone would like to have answered. In some cases, keeping track of your migraines in a daily diary can help reveal (MORE)
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Migraine May Complicate Pregnancy

Most women with migraine experience an improvement in migraines during pregnancy, usually starting after the first trimester and continuing until delivery. Medications usually (MORE)

Pregnancy And Migraine: What To Expect

One in five women has migraines during her reproductive years. Migraine often begins with puberty and may predictably worsen each month around the menstrual period. Pregnancy (MORE)